Barnklubb® Chelsea

Barnklubb is Swedish for childrens club and we like to bring a touch of Scandinavia to all our classes and activities.
Our aim is to nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential through play and exploration in a safe, joyful and inspiring environment. Our activities will help grow your child’s cognitive, language and social skills as well as building their self-confidence and independence.
Our weekly schedule is full of fun, creative and educational classes and activities for children from 6 months to 6 years old and we are constantly updating and adding to them.
We keep our class sizes small to make sure each child gets the space and attention they need to be creative and in all our classes our focus is always more on the creative process than the end result.
Our dedicated team is passionate about helping children flourish through play, art and music and we can’t wait to meet you and your little one!

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Can’t come to us… TRY THESE AT HOME


This is the ultimate painting and drawing kit!
The box contains great quality materials that are curated, tried and tested by
Barnklübb kids as well as INSTRUCTIONS for 8 of our activities to inspire
All the materials have proven to work really well in our classes,
so while you can’t come to us, you can give your child the Barnklübb
experience at home.
The box is full of extra materials that are sure to be a hit.
Everything you need to create great art is here!
We recommend this box for kids that are 2 years and over.

£117 (incl.VAT and postage UK mainland)


Sensory Art is all about exploring and experiencing with your senses, these
are exciting tactile activities that inspire curiosity and are great for developing
fine motor skills.
We have found that kids who have experienced our Sensory Art classes are
ready to jump straight into our Messy Art classes, without any hesitation to
investigate the materials.
The box contains ingredients and full INSTRUCTIONS for 4 of the best loved
activities that we do in our Baby Art classes.
Everything is included and pre measured and all you need to add is
water from the tap!
We recommend this box for children who are 1 year and older.
(But you’ll find that there is really no upper age limit for these activities).

PS: All our ingredients are taste proof but although they might look tempting
to eat they are just meant to be played with!

£60 (incl.VAT and postage UK mainland)

Classes & Activities

Art Baby (Age 6 months – 18 months)
Let baby take his or hers first steps in to the fantastic world of art. Explore and create using edible paint (just incase it gets into little mouths) and many creative mediums such as sponges, spagetti and toy cars to create fun, imaginative & totally original works of art. Expect lots of fun and of course lots of mess!

Messy Art (Age 2 – 3, 3 – 4 years)
This is messy!
Develop creativity and stimulate imagination by painting,splatting,marking ,cutting, stamping,ripping, glittering and gluing! (Long sleeve aprons provided..)

Sculpture (Age 4 – 6 years)
This class encourages freedom of expression, development of dexterity and design abilities. We will be making beautiful objects to take home with clay, paper and paper mache. Make space on your mantelpiece!

Create and Make (Age 2 – 3, 3 – 4 years)
Using imagination and based on a different weekly theme the children create and make beautiful objects to take home, for example a colourful head dress or a pretty neckless. This class encourages children to observe the world around them and develops their fine motor skills.

Mini Music (Age 6 months – 1 year)
A class of relaxing live & recorded music, fun songs and nursery rhymes for mothers and babies/little ones, using simple movement, introducing sensory and sound experience.

Tune In With Toddler (Age 1 – 3 years)
A class with storytelling, live & recorded music, nursery rhymes and basic movement, fun and games for toddlers, encouraging listening, observational and rhythmic skills.

Music & Movement (Age 3 – 4 years)
A class using live & recorded music, simple movement and games. Learning songs, simple musical rounds and physical expression.

Music & Drama (Age 3 – 4, 4 – 5 years)
Storytelling, live & recorded music, fairytale enactment, puppets, songs including musical rounds, role-playing and mirroring to develop physical awareness, concentration and communication skills.

Bugs and Slugs (Open age)
Outside in the garden. Exploring nature, planting and discovering mini beasts.

All ages are an approximate guideline.

Barnklubb® Japan

We are really excited to have opened our first Barnklubb® – Childrens club and Nursery, in Itchikawa Japan with local partners in 2019.
We now have four more Barnklubbs in Japan with more to come in the near future.